German wastewater treatment technology comes to Vietnam

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Waste water in urban Vietnam is a problem that needs to be solved thoroughly, the process of urbanization should go with the application of waste water treatment technologiesto protect the environment," affirmed Raft Steeg - a German environmental expert that at the talk on wastewater treatment held on April 13 in Ho Chi Minh City.

Introducingfeasible German wastewater treatment technology for Vietnam, Raft Steeg said: With funding from the German government, German Ministry of Science and Education, Berlin University of Technology, the Germanexperts have successfullyresearched, built and tested wastewater treatment systems on the basis of saving 30% of construction and operating costs, 50% of construction time with high efficiency without interference into the existing drainage and groundwater system, which is very suitable for urban drainage in Vietnam.

Within just six months since the system was successfully accepted in Berlin, more than 110 delegations of government, experts and scientists from over 32 countries have come to observe, learn and highly appreciate it as well as engage in negotiation to apply this technology in their local areas.

Following Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi will be the next destination for Raft Steeg to introduce this technology to leaders of provincial departments, experts, professors and technicians in sewage treatment and anti-flooding sectors as well as leaders of enterprises on April 16.



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